partial screw

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    This layer is nearly halfway through the model of the screw. It's a philips-head screw, so the fact that we can only see a single slot indicates that we're not *right* at the middle.

    Read more about the Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories 3D Fabricator Project here.

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    1. Jocelyn | McAuliflower 85 months ago | reply

      !! These strike me as being like edible fulgurites.

      Colored sugar would be an inevitable next step.

    2. oskay 85 months ago | reply

      That's an interesting and apt analogy! When we first start to print a new layer, we always go to the same corner on the sugar bed and hold still for a few moments while the nozzle heats up. As we add more layers, it forms a vertical column of fused sugar just like a fulgurite.

      In principle, we can already go to gray scale imaging by varying the length of time that we spend at different points, where we range from clear sugar to dark (nearly black) caramel color. We haven't exploited this yet but maybe we'll give it a shot.

    3. 84 months ago | reply

      Wow, this may be your coolest project so far! Congrats on getting it done!

      What I still don't get is how you add a new layer of sugar for each pass. Surely you don't do it by hand...

      Thanks for sharing!

    4. oskay 84 months ago | reply

      We actually are adding additional sugar by hand.

      Our original plan was to build a sugar dispenser but it turned out that adding the sugar manually is so easy and consistent that it instantly became a moot point.

      That's the short version; the longer answer to that question is here, in case you are interested.

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