Cylon circuit close up

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    Okay, it's a mess. But, it's a quick and easy mess!

    This is for a vintage Cylon's scanning eye; Learn how to build it here.

    1. One of the capacitors is a different color. I don't know why. The specifications are identical to the other five (all 47 uF, 16 V). I harvested all six from a DVD-ROM player that I disassembled. =)

    2. I like to stand diodes and resistors on end (a habit acquired from years of building tiny circuits), so it's a little hard to see those ten little diodes. But, they are there.

    3. I used an NE555 timer. It's better to use a 7555 timer instead, which is nearly identical but doesn't waste nearly as much power.

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    1. SaintAlia ages ago | reply

      i wish i had seen this a few days ago... think the local radio shack has all accoutrements necessary?...

    2. oskay ages ago | reply

      I would never count on RS having any useful electronics part at all. It's possible that they'll have it, but you'll be paying 2-5 times normal prices. They used to be much, much better, but nowadays they are working at removing all of the remaining "real" electronics that they carry. It's a shame.

      Most towns have a "real" electronics shop, and it's worth some effort to figure out where it is.

    3. Xeontory 93 months ago | reply

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