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    A quick, low-tech halloween project: we hollowed out a couple of miniature decorative gourds. You can get these by the bagful at the grocery store, next to the mini-pumpkins. The one on the left had a kind of wrinkly base that adapted itself well to this shape, and the one on the right had more of a conical tip that we cut off to make a flat base.

    It's unreasonably fun to walk around with one of these in each hand, reenacting the age-old chase drama. Especially when he finds a big dot.

    Blog entry here.

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    1. Irregular Shed 90 months ago | reply

      I'm disappointed that you didn't go all-out EMSL and install white and blue LEDs in the ghost, though.

    2. Jocelyn | McAuliflower 90 months ago | reply

      ah funny! I wouldn't be surprised if the blinkies were the next step in the plan.

    3. oskay 90 months ago | reply

      Not clear how to quickly turn the ghost blue and then back....

    4. Irregular Shed 90 months ago | reply

      A LOT of LEDs. Or electro-luminescent gourds, I hear they're the Next Big Thing from my, erm, contact in the, um, industry...

    5. Rob Cruickshank 90 months ago | reply

      That's beyond excellent.

    6. avpjack 90 months ago | reply

      I love it.

    7. OriginalArnie 90 months ago | reply

      HAHAHAHA :)

      That's brilliant :)

    8. nicolette wells 90 months ago | reply

      absolutely bl**dy fantastic!!
      Took me back years!

      seen in explore

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