Remember to Thank All the Books You Haven't Read Over the Past Three Years

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    If I've been more gone from Flickr than usual, it's because I'm preparing for an academic conference on the subject of new trends in serialized television in an era of instant Internet access. My paper, entitled In Defense of Time Spent Watching TV, will address those aspects of the experience that have the most potential for enriching and educating the ambitious viewer.

    A first draft in article form has been published in the artmag Y Sin Embargo and it is entitled Life on the Download: What's New on TV?

    Definitely part of Scenes From a Life.

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    1. sardinia's_mirton 74 months ago | reply

      I thank all books, all men that wrote every single book that i can read now.

    2. gundogma 74 months ago | reply

      ha :) now i know why the books - their colour, condition and titles didn't match to the image of books i remember you have in your cute home :)

      and as an accountant i appreciate your calculations - accountants like when everything is beatifully calculated because they are spiritual heirs of The Pythagoreans :)

      and read your article - very funny witty and forget-me-notty :) waiting impatiently for full paper :)

    3. fernandoprats 73 months ago | reply

      Yes, definitely.

    4. flickrolf 73 months ago | reply

      ok, so calculated flickr may have prevented me from reading about
      2-300 Books in the last two years. That´s quite something.

    5. udkaya 73 months ago | reply

      Good luck in your way! I am glad for know you trough flickr

    6. principonemio 73 months ago | reply

      This shot is absolutely beautiful and you're an artist, we would like to add it in our fine group, thank you!

      ***SPETTACOLARE*** (Post 1 - Award 3)

    7. Sue Salem Photography 73 months ago | reply

      This sounds fascinating. I've been thinking a great deal the past two months about the cultural impact of the internet and how it's changing the way we experience "down time"; I look forward to reading your article!

    8. Rococo57 73 months ago | reply

      Since there is flickr, the books are so lonely

    9. visitpaul 73 months ago | reply

      Great photo! I've used it in my blog
      Please check I've referenced you properly.

      I love all your other work, too. Hopefully I can use more of your stuff.

    10. bubs1223 73 months ago | reply

      Nice image and very interesting topic. I look forward to reading your article. I work in the television industry and, except for movies, I hardly watch tv myself.

    11. vittifx 72 months ago | reply

      Very particular i like your fhoto!

    12. elplandeabajo 72 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Las Fotos del Patrón, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    13. Pagan Moth 72 months ago | reply

      anonymous loves

    14. lovedart. 68 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called True Magic, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    15. AJM at Chichester 53 months ago | reply

      Hi, I love this toppling tribute to literature. We run a new online forum called THRESHOLDS, a University of Chichester (UK) site for readers and writers of short stories:

      We'd love to be able to include this shot in our reserve of images for possible use at some point in the changing banner of the site. We're an academic site so cannot offer a fee, but our membership spans 5 continents and, in the last 2 weeks for example, we've had over a 1,000 visitors - so there's the exposure potential and a photo credit of course. If you're interested, please email us at with the subject of MY FLICKR PHOTO.

      The JPG image size we need for the banners is 600 x 240 pixels, which we know is an odd size and means that, usually, photos will need to be resized to fit. Resizing down is better that trying to resize up, so if the right size isn't available, our design team requests that larger ones are provided by the phtographer so that they can then be (sensitively!) cropped.

      Hope to hear from you!

    16. Daniele Zanni 44 months ago | reply

      Hi.. i'd like to use your image for in a website i am building as a default image for the "literature" category. I will put you in the credits page, of course. Do you allow me?

    17. jessica_mobius 34 months ago | reply

      I've used your photo in the program cover for the Annual MOBIUS Conference. (MOBIUS is a consortium of 66 Missouri libraries.) You're credited in the program.

      Thanks for artwork!

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