Helicoidal Surface

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    There are some things developable surfaces just don't like to do. This is one of them. "Sir!" I said, "One of us must bend." And after some unpleasant words and a bit of tussling, one of us did.

    Same as the screw, really, but with curves. The cross-section looks to me like a circle, rotating around an axial tube. Got this heavy gastropod vibe going. Crease pattern in PDF -- it's two pages. Easier that way.

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    1. cati1ine 87 months ago | reply

      I suspect, but cannot prove, that the cross-section actually *is* a circle (or an ellipse with low eccentricity) revolving around an axis that does not pass through its center. Or, congruently, a circle whose center is swept along a helix.

      Off I go to Mathworld!

    2. oschene 87 months ago | reply

      Looking at the interior, the space that's swept out is like playing horseshoes and getting a ringer.

    3. hyphen_eight 87 months ago | reply

      Very strong sense of motion on this one - like it's undulating just too slowly for me to actually see it.

    4. Oritsuru 87 months ago | reply

      Very efficient! Hats up. Compliments to the winner.
      What paper is this?

    5. oschene 87 months ago | reply

      Not a very good paper -- I chose it because it's heavy, 70 lbs, text. But its fibers are short and it doesn't allow for much manipulation. Definitely would be better in vellum or parchment.

      An example of this shape from nature.

    6. Oritsuru 87 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the link. That's interesting.

    7. cedison 87 months ago | reply

      Oooh Philip my love for you is rather curved and rotating, you twisted puppy u.

    8. Ray Schamp 87 months ago | reply

      This is flippin' awesome. And the crease pattern is too.

    9. oschene 87 months ago | reply

      My thanks to all.

    10. Darren Abbey, PhD 76 months ago | reply

      I really need to get some skills with curved folds. I imagine with some specific distortions of the curves, one could get something much more like a gastropod shell.

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