Hexakaidecagonal Hyperboloidal Spring

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    Or something. From a square of Stathmore petal inclusion paper.

    This is the Dollars to Doughnut closure on both ends and the inversion repeated four times. A Costeño con Cuernos to collapse. I'm going to have to think about this one.

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    1. georigami ages ago | reply

      "Costeño con cuernos" where did you get that expression from? And what is a "coast villager with horns" supposed to mean?

      The model is terrific by the way

    2. LorenzoMarchi ages ago | reply

      You're very crazy!! incredible work...and very well folded!! I love it!

    3. cedison ages ago | reply

      I said that fast once, forget twice, and had a headache. Fabulous!

    4. oschene ages ago | reply

      Costeño con Cuernos is a kind of cow, I think - I was looking for a metaphor for unwieldy and stubborn. Cow sprung to mind, though it's a bit hackneyed. The alliteration was just gravy.

      I make even less sense in person.

    5. bigk2356 ages ago | reply

      another one?

    6. Mélisande* ages ago | reply

      Muito lindo ! Super !

    7. juminee 110 months ago | reply

      This is remarkable! I made something similar that I found online called "origami spring" but the hole in the middle is much smaller and there are certainly less facet's than this one...
      I'd love to try this one.. or at least pick your brain about it...
      If you have a CP that you'd be willing to share or brain up for probing, send me an email! juminee@gmail.com

    8. oschene 110 months ago | reply

      @juminee It's made from an 18x18 grid, with diagonals on a 1:1 slope and a 3:2 slope. georigami made one, I think. The precreasing isn't much, but the collapse is pretty difficult, as I recall.

      I'll see if I can whup up a CP.

    9. georigami 110 months ago | reply

      Hi Juminee

      This is indeed a great model. As far as I know oschene never released a CP for it, but you can figure it out (as I did and you can see at www.flickr.com/photos/georigami/3222171181/ ) from the CP and explanation of the 16 side compass rose jar at www.flickr.com/photos/oschene/270667235/

      As Philip says the collapsing is very difficult but not impossible.

    10. juminee 110 months ago | reply

      @ oschene:
      a CP would definately help in terms of me trying to understand it, thanks!
      if you have time, www1.ttcn.ne.jp/a-nishi/spring/z_spring.html
      I made this yesterday.. which from what I can tell seems like kind of the same principle, but I don't understand these forms enough to understand what changes make them different.

      Thanks! the 16 side compass rose jar will be very helpful! I will try to tinker away with it and see what I come up with.. I have fell in love with these tessllation origami and polyhedral forms quite recently and have so many questions! :) I'm grateful that there is a supportive community here.

      I'll let you know what I come up with soon!

      PS. what kinds of paper do you recommend for these? I've tried bond paper, vellum, polypropolene plastic and washi paper so far.. and I see that this particular model is made with Strathmore petal inclusion paper. I think I like vellum as it is strong, and creases crisply.

    11. oschene 110 months ago | reply

      I like vellum, too, but it would certainly crack under this kind of folding. Elephant hide, a semi-mythical European paper, would probably be good for this. Otherwise, any heavy, long-fibered paper will do.

    12. juminee 110 months ago | reply

      Hi oschene,
      I've tried to make this big and small, I've played around with the angles and everything but I can't figure out what to do with the seams! did you use tape or glue??

    13. oschene 110 months ago | reply

      It's an 18x18 grid and a 16-sided tube -- two of the columns overlap. They lock on the top and bottom and internal tension makes the middle hang together. You can glue it, if you want, but it's not really necessary. Or shouldn't be.

    14. juminee 110 months ago | reply

      hmm thanks for the speedy response... that makes sense. lemme try again :(

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