Blitz ghosts.
The Baedeker Blitz on Norwich.

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Photo mashups of it, from 1940 > 2011

A psychogeographical tour, I drove through ghosts to get here.

These should hopefully provide a bit of context as to where things happened in Norwich during the blitz, it can be quite difficult to work out what you're looking at in old photos, hopefully these will give people a clue.

Partially inspired by Sergey Larenkov work in Russia. Thanks to Tony Burge who showed me Sergey's work, without that I'd still be scratching my head and looking puzzled as to where to go with my blitz stuff.

Credits to: George Plunkett, George Swain, Cliff Temple, EDP/Archant for being there and taking the originals.

Project assisted by Picture Norfolk and Archant.
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