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Aurora Chaos - Northern Lights at Bláfjöll, Iceland

Last night the Aurora was once again very active. It seems that the activity is picking up again after a couple of years of quietness. Aurora shots seem to be the only photographs I am getting these days. Partially it is because it is dark a large chunk of the day here and partially because of crappy weather when I am not working.


The Aurora last night revealed some of the most complex Aurora I have seen. It was not fast moving or sharp but it was everywhere in every direction. It is not often that I can be picky about which direction I want to shoot when shooting Aurora, but this time I could choose. Usually the location of the Aurora dictates the angles you can choose.


Once again my new Nikkor 14-24mm lens is delivering good images. I am really pleased with the results from it even if adjusting it is a hassle on my Canon 5D MKII body.


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Taken on November 11, 2010