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Ormita Commerce Network Concert | by ormita
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Ormita Commerce Network Concert

Ormita is the world's largest multilateral reciprocal trading system, with subsidiaries that conduct business worldwide. The Company provides an efficient platform to mitigate contractual hazards which arise in imperfect capital markets and provides import and export procurement financing and low cost collateralisation for creditors.


As part of its institutional financing arrangements Ormita provides efficient and low cost exchange mechanisms and solves incentive problems which would otherwise prevent trade from taking place at all, particularly in cases where paying with goods rather than money can help to overcome creditworthiness risks.


“Businesses often have excess capacity in their own goods, services or infrastructure, even more so when the financial cycle slows and credit tightens. Business people find that using capacity to source needed goods and services is an attractive alternative proposition to conventional sales and credit if it can increase sales, ease cash flow or reduce reliance on conventional credit.”


"Capacity Trade and Credit: Emerging Architectures for Commerce and Money". City of London Corporation, ESRC, UKTI, BIS joint Report. City of London Corporation. Dec 2011.


"When banks are under pressure, the capital needed for trade finance may be allocated elsewhere on balance sheets. With no secondary market to offload loans, balance sheets have been constrained. In addition, global currency volatility and more rigorous counterparty risk assessment contribute to higher cost of trade finance for importers, exporters and financial intermediaries."


Jean-Pierre Chauffour and Thomas Farole, "Trade Finance in Crisis: Market Adjustment or Market Failures?", Policy Research Working Paper 5003, World Bank, July 2009


"In the present world of protracted recession, huge trade deficits, cash and credit shortages, economic sanctions, and trade wars, it is unrealistic to expect a completely (cash based) code of conduct.”


Stanislaw J. Soltysinski, "In Defense of Countertrade", Journal of Comparative Business and Capital Market Law 5 (1983) 341-345, North-Holland


"U.S. prime contractors generally see offsets as a reality of the marketplace for companies competing for international sales. Several U.S. prima contractors have informed BIS that offsets are usually necessary in order to make these sales - sales which help support the U.S. industrial base."


"Offsets in Defense Trade", U.S. Department of Industry, December 2009


"For industrializing nations, linking trade flows is a major tool by which diversification of trading partners and exertion of natural sovereignty over multi-nationals can be achieved."


Far Eastern Economic Review, 27 Jan, 1983


"Barter is viewed as a potential means of enhancing trade among countries and of promoting economic cooperation among them."


M. Fahim Khan, "Countertrade: Policies and Pratices in OIC Member Countries", Islamic Development Bank, Seminar Proceedings No. 24, 2002


"(Reciprocal trade) has allowed the country not only to recoup and preserve its foreign exchange but also enabled key industry sectors to develop and expand new markets and products for export, acquire sophisticated technology, obtain foreign direct investments, and avail of specialized technical/specialized training."


Philippine International Trading Corporation, "Countertrade Program of the Philippines", Philippine Government, 2002


Ormita Commerce Network

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