New York Subway Map of the Internet

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  1. eh270 94 months ago | reply

    Looks cool, except that looks nothing like the New York City subway. It looks more like the London Tube system.

  2. jackmacokc 94 months ago | reply

    Very nice! And I agree...looks more like the tube across the pond.

  3. onebluesun 94 months ago | reply

    Definitely London.

  4. nemok 94 months ago | reply

    Great idea

  5. Rooney. 94 months ago | reply

    eh270, I was just about to make the same comment. Most tube maps are copies of the London one anyway.

  6. Petty Krooks [deleted] 94 months ago | reply

    err guys, its a heavily modified tokyo tube map: (origional+pdf alert)

    although Rooneys right about all tube maps being based on Harry Becks 1933 design classic:

    "Harry Beck's format was an innovation that would become essential for the comprehensibility of complex networks of today's transport systems all over the world. The commercial value to London Transport and the rest of the world is immeasurable; for this he was paid 10 guineas, probably about two weeks wages in those days."

  7. davemc500hats 94 months ago | reply

    yeah, that's the Tokyo subway

    the "Main Line" = Yamanote Line

  8. Brian Goldner 94 months ago | reply

    cool pic, 'cept it looks more like the tokyo or london system...NY's is less regular

  9. iA Inc. 94 months ago | reply

    Source of the image (along with PDF download, clickable version, etc.) from Information Architects Japan is here:

  10. blogstar 94 months ago | reply

    Its the Tokyo tube.
    The joke is that its a tube map of the internet , which is of course a series of tubes

  11. _Hochan 94 months ago | reply

    Tokyo? (A route map)
    I live in Tokyo :)

  12. TRIPtych_ 94 months ago | reply

    Fix the title to Tokyo Subway Map of the Internet.

  13. .Barba. 93 months ago | reply

    It's Tokyo Subway!

  14. ChicanaFeliz 93 months ago | reply

    looks nothing like the NY subway map, looks more like DC or Hamburg.

  15. dru007 93 months ago | reply

    makes absolutely no sense. I prefer
    my own map- don't need the commissars
    to say what;s hot & not

  16. Azveld 93 months ago | reply

    Cool indeed (!) but it is the Tokyo Metro.
    Instead of assumptions, one must have a look at this beautiful "Web Trend Map 2007" creators' excellent site:
    And in particular

    Pls see this quote:
    "More Lines
    The original raster (Tokyo metro map) has been substantially modified to fit the needs of an Internet Trend map. "

    You may also view the metro map at:
    have a quick view at the lower right part of the map:

  17. 69 months ago | reply

    it not New-york or london, it Tokyo

  18. Adibou from Paris 68 months ago | reply

    yeah it s Tokyo, but what is funny is that neighborhood have a nam that corresponds to what is at this location. For example Ebay is Akihabara, whith huge commerce on electronics, video, pop culture... Google is Shunjuku, the most imoprtant eceonomic center of the city, and of course flickr is Ueno the cultural location of Tokyo, ;)

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