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First Attempt at a Dollar-Bill Pig

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Someone asked about a Pig folded from a dollar bill, so I thought I'd give it a try. This was my first attempt, just doing some free-hand folding. Oops. I ran out of paper at the head.

So it looks a bit more like a sick cross-breed between a pig and a Bison... not quite what I was going for.

I'll adjust the torso proportions and give it another try. That, and I need to get a tail in there somehow... I'm sure it's possible.

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  1. litherland 91 months ago | reply

    Capitalist pig!

  2. The Eggplant 91 months ago | reply

    That's not too bad.

  3. EricGjerde 91 months ago | reply

    It's not too good, either. But I don't normally fold this sort of thing, so I'm open to suggestions.

    Seriously though, there's NO HEAD.

    well, maybe it's a pig after a trip to the barbershop.

  4. oschene 91 months ago | reply

    Um, representation?


  5. noricum 91 months ago | reply

    It reminds me of an animal that I can't remember the name of right now. It's sort of pig-like, and either dark brown or black. I think it lives in Australia or someplace warm. If I think of the name, I'll come back and let you know.

  6. cedison 91 months ago | reply

    Eric, Eric? I'm worried it resembles a living thing-Do the gods approve? What's next? Cranes with hearts on the wings?

    Actually I think the face would be better if you tucked in the lower bit angling the bottom upward. I could be wrong, but that might reduce the grazing bison effect.

  7. EricGjerde 91 months ago | reply

    well, I'll try it again and try to make it more... piglike.

    it'll take a few goes to get it sorted. It's really pretty easy, this animal folding business, if you try not to make it too complicated.

    I ran out of paper for the head, so I just pulled out some bits of paper at the edge. a proper pig head should have a snout and everything, some eye bits, and all that.

    Don't worry, I'm not making a life change here towards the dark side...

  8. EricGjerde 91 months ago | reply

    And actually, I have cranes that I folded with grafted segments onto the wings- they could easily have hearts on them... that's a good idea :)

  9. litherland 91 months ago | reply

    @ noricum: a hippo? a tapir?

  10. lilzabubba 91 months ago | reply

    you know... a bit more snout and it would be our dog!

  11. EricGjerde 91 months ago | reply

    Yeah, I noticed it had a buddy-like shape to it. I'll have to try that another time, with something black.

    And I tried to fold a second one this morning; I was *less* than impressed with my results. It was horrible.

    I think it's a message that I should stick to what I know :)

  12. --------Sunshine-------- [deleted] 83 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Marvelous Money, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

  13. ThePanelist 72 months ago | reply

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  14. Tattoo Gallery 2009 [deleted] 67 months ago | reply

    Very good and cool pictures. I wish I have one.

  15. crazyphotoman 60 months ago | reply

    That's a terrible dollar bill pig.. BUT it's a pretty good $5 pig :)

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