Origami Tessellations: Fantastic Paper Geometry

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    After some trials and tribulations, my book on Origami Tessellations is moving forward with a new publisher - A K Peters, Ltd.. They have published some wonderful books on origami, and I'm looking forward to being a new member of their publishing family.

    The new ISBN for my book is: 978-1-56881-451-3, to be released later on this year.

    The print version of this postcard will be available at the OUSA convention in NYC later on this June; or, if you'd like one, just drop me a line at origomi@mac.com and I'll pop one in the mail to you.

    Thanks for all your support, my friends!

    -Eric Gjerde

    (more info in my blog post: www.origamitessellations.com/2008/06/10/origami-tessellat...

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    1. Oruhito 71 months ago | reply

      Again: Beautiful! I've seen other pages from the book and I still can't believe how wonderful and colourful the photos are, along with the great layout. Bravo!

    2. sofigiraldo 71 months ago | reply

      how greattttttttttt!!! congratulations!!

    3. origami_madness 71 months ago | reply

      Congrats! When will it be available?

    4. Joseph Wu Origami 71 months ago | reply

      Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. :)

    5. soma0213 71 months ago | reply

      Is it the same book as the one on AMAZON here? I tried to buy it some time ago but it turned out that it's not published yet. I don't know it's fate since then. I look forward to buy it.

    6. J.V.Page 71 months ago | reply

      congatulations, nice beginning for tessellations. First book. great job.

    7. EricGjerde 71 months ago | reply

      Thanks everyone... much appreciated. This has been a long process!

      @Soma: It's the same book - that's the listing from my previous publisher, which is not available. The new listing has not been posted to Amazon yet.

      @Joseph: thank you! I'm looking forward to having this finished and put behind me, so I can move forward to other projects. I'm going to hold you to that quote, though :)

      I think it will be published closer to the end of the year, I'm working to try to get my part of the project done as soon as I can. I'm hoping to have copies before I go to the CDO convention in December.

    8. blue paper 71 months ago | reply

      I've never really been one who does tessellations, but I might have to get this book :)

    9. EricGjerde 71 months ago | reply

      Yes, I highly encourage that you buy this book :)

    10. MABONA ORIGAMI 71 months ago | reply

      great Eric! concrats to this remarkable achievement!

    11. R.bean 71 months ago | reply

      "What a long, strange trip it's been!" Excellent news! I'm renewing my order, just let us know when / where. Congratulations.

    12. cati1ine 71 months ago | reply

      Hell yes I'd like a postcard! I'll send you email presently.

      Also, AK Peters regularly shows up at a couple of the technical conferences I attend each year (August and October). I will make sure to corral the people working the booth and talk their ears off about the book, to say nothing of taking home a copy or two (or at least ordering them).

    13. origamidude96 71 months ago | reply

      trying to read page...

      Must fold spread hex tess.!!!!

    14. EricGjerde 71 months ago | reply

      Instructions for folding the spread hex have been published in Robert Fathauer's "Origami Kit", which in fact features a real folded model of the spread hex tessellation behind a window in the front cover of the box!

      It's through Barnes and Noble, so you can find it in a local B&N store... or via various online stores. Here's a link to an image of the cover:

      I contributed 5 tessellation patterns to the book, including my spread hex pattern. (They named it something else to make it more interesting, but that's really not all that important to me. The name is pretty irrelevant from my perspective.)

      If you're really having problems with folding it, you can buy that kit now; alternatively you could wait and buy my book when it comes out :)

    15. origamidude96 71 months ago | reply

      believe me i'm buying it.
      I bet you'll be happy when I get it because I will stop annoying everyone for help.


    16. EricGjerde 71 months ago | reply

      I'm fascinated by the idea that somewhere in China, a room full of people sat and folded this tessellation, over and over and over again...

      I wonder if any of them went on to fold anything else, after doing that for weeks on end?

      It could possibly be the most folded tessellation in history, at this point in time :)

      I have no good diagrams for it online - they were my first attempt and were *so* bad! I don't blame you at all for having questions on folding it. Don't worry, the book will come out soon :)

    17. origamidude96 71 months ago | reply


    18. floragami 71 months ago | reply

      I'll add my anticipation to this fan club. I was hooked on tessellations before the Origami USA convention, but now I may become obsessed.

    19. EricGjerde 71 months ago | reply

      Well this is certainly the place to be obsessed about it - we're the best support group around! (and the only one, for that matter...)

      Sadly we only have meetings once a year :)

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