Puff Daddy George, 1/2

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$1 USD + Puff Stars = strange, shrunken money.

This is the reverse side.

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  1. alida saxon 107 months ago | reply

    Fun. And it'd be pretty funny to hear what a cashier would be thinking if they got a bill with all those geometric creases in it once unfolded.

  2. ranjit 107 months ago | reply

    money full of sinkholes! seems symbolic somehow...

  3. EricGjerde 107 months ago | reply

    As someone who is planning a long overseas trip this summer, I'm painfully aware of how low the dollar is right now. Yuck.

    Although really, I just displayed this side to show the funny little pyramid shape- it kept making me laugh every time I looked at it.

    the real "interesting" part is the flip side.

  4. ranjit 107 months ago | reply

    I saw that, but I like this side better! If you weren't sick of folding money, I'd request one with the sinkholes on the front...

  5. R.bean 107 months ago | reply

    The Ed Sori
    I vote this as the redesign! Even if it's just a 2D decon
    stylized version...somehow penetrates the sanctity of the Almighty Dollar...I want to talk about how thin Bible pages are...but that could get me in b.i.g. Trouble.

  6. EricGjerde 107 months ago | reply

    The relative thickness of USD paper (linen, ragstock, whatever) makes it annoying to fold.

    However, I'd be happy to fold up flipped versions for you two, if that's something you would like. the 3d action doesn't cost any extra, either.

    Bean, I kept trying to get the part that said "ERIC" to come out all by itself, but it just wasn't in the cards. oh well.

    halfway through the folding process I got to a point where the front of the bill had Washington's head all wrapped up, so it looked like a GW Matryoshka doll. I found that particularly hiliarious.

  7. oschene 107 months ago | reply

    When I was a kid, our third grade class got carted up the road to the Crane plant in Dalton, where all US currency paper is made. It's a cotton rag paper and I recall one room where two ladies sat, industriously ripping the elastic waistbands off of old underwear. That's all they did, all day, every day.

    We never did find out where they got the old underwear.

  8. origami joel 107 months ago | reply

    Dollar bills from old underwear - seems oddly appropriate. And now underwear money and full of holes. Oh, the indignity!

  9. frenchfryrisk 107 months ago | reply

    Very Very COOL! Nicely folded!

  10. --------Sunshine-------- [deleted] 95 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Marvelous Money, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

  11. darren_guitar_rock 82 months ago | reply

    This side is even cooler, it gives the illusion that the money is actually a lot thicker than one piece of paper, because of the depth of the holes. I enjoy folding money I leave as tips at restaurants into odd shapes, not as intricate as this, but still the waiters seem to get just a little annoyed.

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