volumetric tessellation without a name

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These are some "glamour shots" of a currently unnamed volumetric tessellation created from tessellated corrugation patterns.

The final touches will be put on it this weekend, to get it all ready for the trip to Vancouver.

This particular pattern is very satisfying to create, although rather complex to put together. Tessellations that are not flat folding are always a bit of a trick to construct.

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  1. syngola 80 months ago | reply

    eric, these shots are really great!!

  2. Ryan MacDonell 80 months ago | reply

    Very nice picture

  3. Chris Keegan 80 months ago | reply

    Has a great glow to it.

  4. Jon_Tucker 80 months ago | reply

    Looks almost surreal. Very cool.

  5. Rosa Menkman 80 months ago | reply

    all your pixels are belong to us

  6. Ryan MacDonell 80 months ago | reply

    ...? Space Invaders?

  7. EricGjerde 80 months ago | reply

    I guess... not my style, I don't get sentimental about old pixel art... to each their own, I suppose, but I'll probably remove it- it's a bit distracting.

  8. Ryan MacDonell 80 months ago | reply

    Don't forget the tag too

  9. R.bean 79 months ago | reply

    Glamoricious indeeeeed!

  10. Lucien Fender 73 months ago | reply

    Stunning photo and folds.
    Studying for design in Architecture course.
    Would be a shame to remove the space invader graffiti, all be it distracting, because....
    In architecture, the fold is a device of enclosure and linking, with which many disparate programmes and functions can be contained and linked. In response to hegemonious and confrontational deconstruction, the fold embraces multiplicity.
    Coincidently, as is happening here, with the old skool pixel reference and the origami.

  11. JonasOri 65 months ago | reply

    this is awesome!it looks like stairs.

  12. Mr.KARO 61 months ago | reply

    wow i'm not a king of origami but i think this is...bo i don't know
    i love it

  13. EricGjerde 61 months ago | reply

    Glad you like it! it's one of my favorites :)

  14. Anzbrasil 60 months ago | reply

    great shot very cool usage of whatever this bizzare object is.

  15. roddh 53 months ago | reply

    wow~ unbelievable structure. beautiful work!

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