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Folding a star in negative space

Playing around with some additional concepts of how to fold non-convex shapes; it occurred to me that it would be easier to create the shape (or the illusion of the shape) from negative space, rather than to fold it directly.


So, that leads to this design- there were many, many collapse and pleat options here, but I picked one that would require the least amount of work to replicate on a larger scale. There's a lot of fruitful ideas in this concept, as well as usable ways to fold some very interesting shapes!


The "front" side is interesting, but I have to say the "reverse" side is also quite appealing as well. I flipped some of the flaps so it would be more apparent as to how this is constructed. I was unable to get a pure 6 pointed star shape without the tiny pleats you see at the tips, but it's close enough for now.


This is one of the original "work sketch" folds; a larger model is in progress. this is particularly suitable for backlighting, so I need to sit down and fold up some unryu. I've been putting it off for too long now!

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Taken on February 27, 2006