Mantis Shrimp -Ermakov

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    This model only has 104 steps, but don't let that fool you, this guy took forever to fold and I'm probably not going to try him again any time in the near future.

    Designed by: Andrey Ermakov
    Diagrams: Origami Tanteidan Convention 17
    Paper: one 3' square of tracing paper
    Time spent folding: 15+ hours
    Size: 8" from tail to antennae

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    1. origamiPete 31 months ago | reply

      wowowowowow! excellent fold! you're really daring to fold that! but after folding the ryuzin, it shouldn't surprise me... =D

    2. Pere Olivella 31 months ago | reply

      Excelent work!! Folded perfectly!

    3. joshua goutam [deleted] 31 months ago | reply

      Amazing!!! I want to fold that too!

    4. Bat086 31 months ago | reply

      Фантастика, знай НАШИХ!!!!

    5. sin cynic 30 months ago | reply

      So lifelike!

    6. shuki.kato 30 months ago | reply

      That's what I normally would use. This figure though was folded from a 3' square, so it came from a roll of tracing paper, it all works!

    7. L_U_I_S 22 months ago | reply

      Hi Shuki, how did you make the paper green?

    8. shuki.kato 22 months ago | reply

      I spray painted it after all the folding was done.

    9. L_U_I_S 22 months ago | reply

      I see, very nice. Was the shrimp harder after you applied the paint to it?

    10. shuki.kato 22 months ago | reply

      Yes, but only fractionally.

    11. L_U_I_S 22 months ago | reply

      thats cool

    12. DJorigami 22 months ago | reply

      Great fold!
      Montana gold rules,Its great for graffiti too! :D

    13. Swapnil Das 10 months ago | reply

      All I Know Is I Don't Want This Near My House!!!

    14. Swapnil Das 7 months ago | reply

      Hey,Shuki, i am thinking of folding this model with 70 cm Kraft Paper, do you think it's good enough? plz reply quickly. : )

    15. shuki.kato 7 months ago | reply

      It might work, just realize that the 6 legs are extremely thick.

    16. Swapnil Das 7 months ago | reply

      Okay! thnx for the quick reply!

    17. captiancripple 7 months ago | reply

      Where can I find the diagram for this model??? I would love to fold this!!!

    18. BluePaperMoon 7 months ago | reply

      It's in a book i forgot what it's called and i believe its in Russian language...but here's some advice....It's gonna be extremely hard..just to let you know :)

    19. Swapnil Das 7 months ago | reply

      School Of Masters And In Tanteidan Convention 17

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