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2009-12-17 Centrale LAN: Last Compagno Hinge Fails | by orcmid
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2009-12-17 Centrale LAN: Last Compagno Hinge Fails

[F095016] In January, I was talking about how my 1998-vintage Dell Inspiron 7000 laptop was destined for retirement:


In my usual procrastinating way, I have been avoiding figuring out how to move off of the IIS and VSS web development server that it embodies, accomplishing the same on my newer Windows Home Server (named, merely WHS because I ran out of snappy C-words with an Italian lilt).


The other day, I noticed that the display/cover was lying out flat and the second hinge had failed completely. I suspect it finally succumbed to a final nuzzling by a passing cat.


You can see the separated hinge cover here. The left one was badly and unsuccessfully super-glued in 2008.


From the accumulated schmutz, it is evident that the keyboard is also non-functional (and the mouse buttons are also broken). I solved that with a wireless mouse and keyboard on the USB port.


There are also some green lines growing across the display and I suspect ultimate failure is not too far into the future.

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Taken on December 17, 2009