The baby hedgehog orphan

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Now here's a story...yesterday we were sitting in the garden drinking a cup of tea when we heard a high squeaky sound from the direction of the hedge. First we thought it was it was a bird's nest, but we decided to take a look anyhow. When we peered over the hedge we saw something moving in the high grass of the meadow adjacent to our garden. On a closer look it appeared to be that the sound was coming from a baby hedgehog, all alone - no family insight even after we conducted an extensive search for its relatives. It was obviously too young to survive on its own: a hedehog of about 3 months is supposed to weigh at least 300-400 g, this hedehog only weighed about 80 g, and was thus only about two-three weeks old. Therefore we contacted the Animal Rescue Service and decided to bring this baby hedgehog to them, where it will be given to people from The Hedgehog Shelter, who will take care of it and try to raise him. His future is of course unclear, but the chances are high he will survive and be released into the wild again when he has grown a bit larger and stronger.

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  1. Clàudia Riwz 48 months ago | reply

    Awwww how cuuute!

  2. sigriddebeckker 48 months ago | reply

    I'm midwife and I want to write a book about breast feeding but targeted at kids.
    The idea is to use the animal pictures and drawings to explain them that breastfeeding is natural.
    The book is at the moment not much more than a concept. But the plan is to publish it and offer it for sale in specialized shops.
    The proceeds of the book will be donated to a charitable organization helping children and mothers.
    It is not a commercial undertaking and so we are hoping we can use the picture for free.
    We will of course give you credit for the picture in the book. If you are still interested could you attach the picture in your reply?

  3. Teng Fong Lin 48 months ago | reply

    so small and cute and so nice of you!
    wishing you a nice weekend!

  4. MacMan-2256 [deleted] 46 months ago | reply

    Awww :)

  5. pinguin1961 44 months ago | reply

    Really sweet and beautiful!


  6. Carlos H. Gomes 43 months ago | reply

    Que coisa mais linda hahahaha

  7. Mirjam Vriend 39 months ago | reply

    Wat ongelovelijk schattig! Hoe zou het met hem zijn? In elk geval een goeie actie van jullie!

  8. Miss Fruit Joy 38 months ago | reply

    Irresistible! Fantastic shot! :)

  9. RD Roy 38 months ago | reply

    Aww!!! I want him! :)

  10. La Flak Mendez 36 months ago | reply

    amazing story!!! ♥ too cute

  11. patiigraphy 33 months ago | reply

    so sweet and cute ! :) lovely image :)

  12. victor98_2001 31 months ago | reply

    excellent shot

  13. cestmirbartak 31 months ago | reply

    wow.....cute and sweet......amazing work

  14. Fresh Light 28 months ago | reply

    ....paradise shot...............

  15. Ruth Flickr 27 months ago | reply

    That's unbearably cute!

  16. Graham Ezzy 25 months ago | reply

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