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Adult Male Habronattus pugillis Jumping Spider - Arizona (Santa Rita Mountains Variation) | by Thomas Shahan
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Adult Male Habronattus pugillis Jumping Spider - Arizona (Santa Rita Mountains Variation)

Click here for a larger view as flickr tends to over-sharpen these smaller thumbnails!


Hope you guys aren't burned out on Habronattus males just yet! Because here's an interesting if not overtly flashy Habronattus species collected with the Elias Lab out in Arizona in June. Note the distinct white eyebrows and yellow setae on the pedipalps. This little dude had wonderfully vivid cadmium yellow chelicerae that he only revealed once or twice - and of course I totally missed the focus in my excitement - so - this and a few other "palps-up" shots were the best I could manage given the situation.


The image above is a crop from a stack of two shots taken with extenstion tubes and a reversed 50mm prime (would have ideally shot the image at full frame with my 28mm reversed - but it's seriously scratched and yields very washed out photos). The surface is a green (!) rock collected from his environment, while the backdrop is once again my shirt with a bit of a reddish leaf barging it's way into the composition.


One particularly cool thing about H. pugillis is the significant variation in appearance (specifically in those awesome eyebrows!) from mountain range to mountain range in Southern Arizona (specifically features referred to as the "Sky Islands") - more info on that below in the comments:




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Taken on June 23, 2012