Adult Male Habronattus hallani Jumping Spider - Arizona

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What?! Another amazing Habronattus species from Arizona?! You bet - more to come too!


H. hallani is particularly odd with an amazingly colorful and iridescent display of setate across the face and underarms. Group members collected two male specimens - one little guy (seen above) and a larger, more robust specimen that proved to be impossible to photograph.


Shot with two sets of extension tubes (maybe one or two sections out) and a reversed 50mm prime. Focus stacked from 4 images in Zerene Stacker. Once again, the background is my blue shirt I laid across a table as a makeshift studio to document all the species being collected. As you may have noticed, I usually prefer to utilize the sky or natural elements to fill the backgrounds of certain exposures, but given the situation, I was surprised by how well this worked out.



  • Diatoms 3y

    I always have liked these little spiders! Maybe because I originally described the species and observed their very strange courtship (the male jumps at the end of sideways runs, flashing the metallic undersides to the femora of their first two pairs of legs.)

    Very nice shots! Makes me want to start doing macro-photography again!
  • david moya PRO 3y

    Impresionante la foto y el video!!
  • Wyatt Westerkamp 3y

    Just wondering, what do you use to make your softbox? The light looks perfectly diffused.
  • Justin curtis PRO 3y

    Love your work Thomas, always a pleasure when it pops up
  • David Baird Photography 3y

    Super macro.
  • Pauline Smith 3y

    Awesome spider :)... and a superb capture.
  • Pim van den Heuvel 3y

  • Claudio Garofalo 3y

    nice colours
  • Heather Green PRO 3y

    Gorgeous colors, amazing have such an amazing set of photos here on flickr. Came by via the article on petapixel ;-)
  • Buzzard2001 3y

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    your outstanding work to:
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  • Mohammed Almuslihi ::}{:: محمد المصلحي 3y

    سبحان الله ..
    amazing shoot..
  • machadoodles 3y

    Great work.
  • Luca 3y

    The best...
  • jahquan anehxhd 2y

  • Bad Alley 2y

    Love his toothless old man grin!
  • ~*Ms. Spiller*~ 2y

    ~Absolutely beautiful !!!~

  • Beth Berryhill 2y

    I am amazed at all your photos..I thought mine were good until I found guess I need to get closer...Love the work
  • Suhas Sarawade 2y

  • bromand PRO 2y

    excellent work
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  • nabil alwaini 2y

    nice shoot
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