Male Habronattus virgulatus Jumping Spider - Arizona

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    I’m back! Just returned from a week with the Elias Lab out south of Tucson, AZ while they carried out their field research involving Habronattus jumping spiders. It was great to spend some time in such beautiful country with the company of fellow spider-fans that never seemed to tire of my endless questions and ramblings about salticids. The amount of beautiful and varied species we found was just overwhelming too – and I ended up taking quite a lot of shots – so expect to see more wild Arizona salticids around here soon!

    This little Habronattus virgulatus male, after much coaxing, eventually allowed a few portraits to be taken of his beautifully colored face - despite his odd behavior of turning about 45 degrees every time I pointed the camera in his face. I suspect he was threatened a bit by my massive new 8x10” flash diffuser I’ve started using lately. The image is a pretty significant crop from a focus stack of 2 images (would have loved to have gotten a 3rd for the foremost legs – but he began to groom himself shortly after the above images) taken with an old SMC Pentax 50mm reversed on two sets of extension tubes.

    So – stay tuned and I’ll be posting more species soon!


    In other news - I'm planning on producing a short series of how-to macro tutorial videos. If you're interested - go ahead and suggest any topics you'd like me to cover!

    If you want to keep up with me and my work - feel free to follow me on twitter here:

    I recently shot a segment with This Land Press about my macrophotography, which you can view online *here* or by clicking on the image in the comments below!

    BugShot, the macrophotography workshop I will co-teach with Alex Wild and John Abbott in Florida this coming August, has now filled up - but go ahead and check out the website HERE to keep track of updates on where we will be next year!

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    1. Daniel Piovesana 22 months ago | reply

      Another magnificent portrait.

    2. Guslight 22 months ago | reply


    3. Louise Denton 22 months ago | reply

      I love it - I think the OOF legs work perfectly!
      Is it difficult to get the focus correct to enable stacking the images?

      Great work

    4. Gaurav Dinesh 22 months ago | reply

      Gorgeous picture of a handsome guy ..

    5. John@blymhill 22 months ago | reply

      Thomas, I would be interested to have some details of the diffuser you are using, and if homebaked , how?

    6. kaldari 22 months ago | reply

      You can see the ornamental third legs here:

    7. Edward Boe 22 months ago | reply

      As usual, Thomas, great shot! As for your potential Macro tutorial videos, I would love to see your post process, from focus stacking, to coloration, and final output, and I would also love to see before and after examples of your work.

      Well done! I look forward to seeing more!

    8. Edward Boe 22 months ago | reply

      One final you use anything to help you focus through the viewfinder? (a separate light?, etc...) I tend to get lots of blurry shots that I could've sworn were in focus, only it was too dark through the view finder to actually tell.

    9. torn80cj 21 months ago | reply

      Nice spider Thomas, I happen to find 3 habronattus coecatus while you were at the lab in Arizona. I wanted to get the mating ritual and put it on YouTube, but the female just shows no interest right now, she just totally ignores him. The Carolinensis Male I found mated a female, so I got to see what the carolinensis mating dance looks like. It is a whole lot different from the audax jumpers and the regal jumpers.

    10. Galway Pete. 20 months ago | reply

      Amazing macro images.great work.

    11. A_sin 1968 19 months ago | reply

      Wonderful colors and details>>>

    12. TOREX PHOTOGRAPHY 19 months ago | reply

      Amazing macro images..

    13. gred. 18 months ago | reply

      Top work as ever , radical colour and clarity

    14. DeVil__ 17 months ago | reply

      Beautiful image, well done!

    15. Howard Brodsky 14 months ago | reply

      Hi! I am Howard, aka Camera Truth, and I am The Eyes of "'Howard and Caz's Gallery (HCG)". Your work is professional, and incredible, and I hope you take the time to post it to "HCG", which represents the finest, eclectic group of images on Flickr.

      This stamp of approval signifies that this picture has attained "the" designated professional standards for admission to HCG, and has been personally gauged & accepted by myself for the "Gallery Area", where I have the final word for admission. This work of yours is truly wonderful, and very beautiful. Congratulations! -- Howard (Camera Truth).

      P.S. If this is an invitation to "HCG", an administrative invite will accompany this Stamp of approval….look beneath your picture)………Thanks again..

      HCG approval by Cameratruth2.

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