Adult Female Jumping Spider - Phidippus mystaceus

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    Alright! It's been far too long! I nearly ran over this wonderful little female with my bike while returning from a book sale this weekend. Initially, I wasn't quite sure if she was a salticid or not as I careened around her, but after momentarily debating turning back – I decided to do so and was instantly ecstatic upon realizing that the little speck of arthropod I’d instinctively avoided killing was none other than the most resplendent salticid of them all – Phidippus mystaceus! And not only that – she was in absolutely wonderful shape with fantastic hair coverage, a plump abdomen, and clean eyes!

    The shot above was achieved by letting her hop on a sunflower leaf and holding her up to the sky to get a blue-sky background bright enough in the exposure. The image is a focus-stack of three images taken at about f/11 or f/16 with my old (now scratched) 50mm prime reversed on extension tubes. Also noteworthy is the fact that this is one of my first salticid shots taken with the new Pentax K-x body and in RAW nonetheless (all my previous work was shot in jpeg!). She ended up being quite cooperative and didn’t require too much pain or toil on my part – working with salticids is always a pleasure - even when difficult!

    Apologies for the infrequent uploads lately, I’ve just been busy outside of the macrophotography world – but be assured – I’m still taking shots and searching for subjects and likely always will.

    In other news – Bugshot 2011 with Alex Wild and John Abbott was a resounding success and proved to be a wonderful opportunity to hear and learn from a variety of entomologists, macro photographers, and more. Should it happen again next year – I’m fully behind it and consider it an invaluable resource.

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    1. Paul Nikon 26 months ago | reply

      Stunning work.

    2. ACREMAR 26 months ago | reply

      Superb detail :)

    3. Richard Swainson 26 months ago | reply

      It seems every comment on this site is complimentary, which I find somewhat tidious but there's photography and then there's photography and yours really is to be admired. Thank you.

    4. rb4ray 25 months ago | reply

      Great comment Thanks

    5. Kuzeytac 25 months ago | reply

      I love spiders now.. Because of you:)

      Seen in my contacts' photos. ( ?² )

    6. Podolsky86 25 months ago | reply

      unbelievable capture!!!

    7. Arlene Castro 25 months ago | reply

      Blows me away..such a stunning little sure brought out her beauty..always a pleasure my friend!!

    8. najamss 23 months ago | reply

      Hi. How can I see the EXIF of some of your work.?

    9. Katie-Rose 23 months ago | reply

      That's amazing!

    10. m I m 23 months ago | reply

      Wow wow brilliant....

    11. rsr418 23 months ago | reply

      Really amazing! The eyes are a beautiful green. Love it. How do you old them up to the sky without them jumping away?

    12. Lučka Zorko 23 months ago | reply

      HOW INCREDIBLE!!!!! I am deeply impressed.

    13. medicusphotos 23 months ago | reply

      I love this little dude, he is brilliant! Excellent shot

    14. SVALDVARD 22 months ago | reply

      just amazin!!

    15. leonardrodriguez 22 months ago | reply

      MAGNIFIQUE! So beautiful Thomas! Thank you!

    16. coyrooster 21 months ago | reply

      Fifty years ago when Stan Lee co-created Spider-Man for Marvel Comics most likely he had no idea his character would've been much more marvelous as a jumping spider endowed with eight eyes, four in front and four in back, to survey the world as a true superhero should. But how was he to know? He hadn't seen your photos. You weren't even born at that point.

      In the meantime you've compiled an amazing collection of 'costumes' for the next generation of superheros. Some are featured by The Smithsonian while others appeared in National Geographic. How you keep up with all your activities makes me wonder if you are perhaps part jumping spider, darting from macro workshops to your Twitter site to your Flickr secret identity and of course your Facebook page plus your main website ever onward to your arachnid & arthropod hunting grounds in Oklahoma.

      With today's profusion of digital tools spawning countless movies and video games it would come as no surprise to see a supernatural lentil-sized Spider Woman begotten on the basis of this fetching female Phidippus mystaceus. Imagine an action-packed (or mystical) movie and spinoff game called Phidippus X.

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    17. Tmatogal 20 months ago | reply

      She sounded like she was happy to pose for pictures! :) Fantastic shots!

    18. Greenbelter 16 months ago | reply

      Wonderful photograph!

    19. wraysburyade 11 months ago | reply

      Great quality, you've really got this technique nailed.

    20. Julius The Photographer 3 months ago | reply

      Did you use a tripod the the image stacking?

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