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Male Walkingstick - Diapheromera

Likely not my most captivating image - but I'm really digging back in my archives now for things to post - here's a portrait of a male walking stick (Diapheromera species) back from September of 2009 set against a turning lead for a backdrop. I don't believe I've seen any Phasmids in Oklahoma since I found this guy. A fascination with these insects was sparked way back in 2006 or so as I remember a young green juvenile was one of the first insects I ever photographed. I was instantly amazed with how odd their mouth-parts were and how perfectly their heads nestled down into their legs. Such beautiful animals - and usually pretty cooperative as well.


My memory may be a bit hazy as this was taken so long ago - but I think this was focus stacked from a couple images taken with just the 50mm reversed on a few extension tubes on my old Pentax K200D.


I'm currently updating my macro equipment (most of it is literally falling apart from use and abuse) and hope to get some more (actually recent) shots up someday soon!

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Taken on September 18, 2009