Adult Male Habronattus cognatus Jumping spider

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I apologize for the lack of posts lately - I've been quite busy. Rest assured, big news (don't get your hopes up just yet - just be thinking "NG") and more shots are on their way! For now, check out some of my more recent artwork:


Here's an old shot from last last May that I originally turned down in favor for this shot. I realize this type of shot may not be a big hit, but in retrospect, I prefer this composition despite the decreased magnification and hidden chelicerae. Here's the original text that accompanied the last post:




Several weeks ago, I photographed an interesting looking female Habronattus at a spot near the Canadian River I visit frequently to look for tiger beetles. She looked quite different than the usual female H. coecatus specimens I can find relatively easily around Oklahoma, so I've been having high hopes I finding a new Habronattus male species every time I head out to the spot.


So, my persistence payed off, and after a rather unsuccessful afternoon of stalking the larger tiger beetles near the river, I spotted this little guy (~4mm) as he was watching a large caterpillar wiggle its way across the sandy path. I was exhausted and didn't feel like chasing him around in the sand, so I let him hop in a jar I had with me and took him on home.


Although not as flashy as some of the Habronattus species in the U.S., this little male H. cognatus is handsome in his own right - I love those intermittent, mottled scales on his chelicerae. He wasn't in the best cosmetic shape (missing scales/worn) but proved to be quite a lively and active spider that would only slow down when partially covered by the leaves I collected and set out to photograph him on. During the next bug-hunt, I released him at the excact same spot where I found him.


If you are interested in the Habronattus genus (you really should be) make sure to take a look at tolweb's entry here:




  • jpophoto233391 4y

    your meta data tells the truth and you sir are a fake. I have a camera 100 times better than your pentaxk200d, and regardless of your lighting, position, aperture, shutter-speed, iso and "MAGIC" or what ever you want to lie to us about, the information that is stored in all your photos are seriously manipulated and edited. Wait until Nat Geo finds out about this. You have brought shame to the photography world and I cannot wait until the entire world hears about your manipulative creations. You know, I really liked your work for a long time. You inspired me and you are part of the reason I became a photographer. After I learned how to access your data regardless of how much you edited it and hid the true data, mmmmmmmm, I became very suspicious. Now that I have fully analyzed more than 50 of your most amazing shots, I find the same answer. You should work for DreamWorks or Disney. That is where manipulators belong. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO wonder you do not sell your prints. Your day will come liar. You have a lot of explaining to do. I'll give you a month to start telling the truth, and if you do not do what is right, then I'll email all the companies that have bought rights to, and posted your works. I'll show them the truth. You sir are a cheat. Adobe is a great tool isn't it? HDR is wonderful isn't it? ohhhhhhhhh, and I know that you have used up to 11 different programs to edit your pics. I have the proof. META DATA never lies. Funny that some people out there with the right knowledge can access that info. We can see dates, time, programs used to save, alter, manipulate and change right down to the last second before you choose to save your final rendition. Some of us can see step by step, edit for edit like the anatomy of a picture. You cannot hide the truth you fake. You have one month from today. 5/19/2011 Tom................................................... Do the right thing.
  • Ash PRO 4y


    ... Are you for real?

    Do you know how much like a sandwich-board-wearing "prophet" you sound with your rant here? Did you really waste hours of your life examining someone else's photos so intently? To what end? What is it to you? Whatever Thomas has or has not done, has it impacted your life in some negative way? Sounds to me like it was only positive, since you say he inspired you to photography yourself.

    Please find something more productive to do with your time and purported talents.

    ur the best master thomas! i loved ur shots! will a 90mm 2.8f tamron and a set of extension tubings make the same results u have? tnx senpai!
  • Leendert Visser 4y

    wow, I love your work!
  • Amanda Burns PRO 4y

  • humorless349 4y

    these are beautiful! what kind of equipment are you using?
  • fabin simon 4y

    out of the world macros....! teach me;-)
  • Terrence Kiernan PRO 4y

    cool pic. glad to hear he got back home safe and sound.
  • Ray Hutchinson PRO 4y

    Amazing macro! Stunning!
  • Ali Shamsul Bahar PRO 4y

    fantastic shot...
  • Ethan Engemann 4y

    beautiful colors and detail!
  • hedgehead2010 4y

    superb! just seen your video on youtube, some amazing creatures and even more amazing shots!
  • Ed 4y

    What a killer (no pun intended) color combination and framing for this remarkable creature and image. Bravo!
  • arcanacoelestia 4y

    I love this li'l guy! He looks so hopeful.... like, "I wonder if there's a girl out there for me, preferably one who won't have me for lunch?" (^_^)
    ALL your arthropod-eye pics are amazing -- have shared a link to your Flickr stream on my FB profile, and look forward to checking out a lot more of your photos and artwork!
  • Ariel Leshinsky 4y

    Beautiful work
  • amey j worlikar 4y

    gr8 !!!
  • gerardo cruz 4y

    excellent, you are amaizing
  • Richard Stafford 4y

    Wow, you have some fabulous images Thomas; just spotted your article in National Geographic! Congratulations!
  • mM 3y

  • rachel herranz 3y

    just amazing love it
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