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Robber Fly with Prey (Holcocephala fusca)

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Here's another shot I've been sitting on a while - a feeding Holcocephala fusca robber fly from last June. I don't remember exactly, but I believe this was a focus-stack of 3 images taken with the 50mm reversed on extension tubes.


It's easy to see why these little guys are one of my favorite Asilid species - those beautiful compound eyes are just spellbinding - I spent just about all last summer trying to get another "really" high-magnification portrait (more so than last summer) but had no luck in getting the shot(s) I wanted. I can't stress how many hours I've spent chasing these little flies around the woods of Oklahoma to no avail - these are some truly skittish animals.


They are quite a joy to watch though regardless of their difficulties as a photographic subject - I'll have to get some video of their hunting and mating behavior some day.

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Taken on June 18, 2010