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Anterior Median Eyes of an Adult Female Paraphidippus aurantius | by Thomas Shahan
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Anterior Median Eyes of an Adult Female Paraphidippus aurantius

Here's another beautiful Paraphidippus female found by Sam Martin (abikeOdyssey) last August. She had considerably different markings than the other female I photographed and filmed last July. As you may remember, that female eventually killed an adult male P. aurantius - the two videos I took are here:


Macro Video of an Adult Female Paraphidippus aurantius


Life and Death of a Male Paraphidippus aurantius Jumping Spider


The spider seen above was generally a bit more cooperative (and less violent) and at one point relaxed in the shade of some leaves and twigs I had set outside for her to crawl about in - allowing for some high magnification work with the bellows (~6:1-8:1). But make no mistake - this is never easy - healthy salticids are rarely completely cooperative - and August afternoons in Oklahoma are particularly unkind. This image is a crop from a 7 image manual focus stack taken at f/5.6 or f/8 with the 28mm reversed on the macro bellows. I took about 40 shots at this angle to get those 7, and given how long it takes my old flash to recharge, I must have been laying there for quite a while (things always seem to take longer when you're hunched over in odd positions with your eyes are pooling up with sweat). If you look closely at the reflections - my fingers change position slightly from eye to eye.


And I know you guys are probably tired of me saying this each time - but please speak up if the image looks odd to you - oversaturated, oversharpened, odd hue...




To read more about jumping spider vision on Wikipedia, go here:


And Dr. Wayne Maddison has a fantastic page about salticid vision over at Tolweb here:





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Taken on August 10, 2009