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Adult Male Thiodina puerpera Jumping Spider

What an odd looking jumper this guy was! From his long, descended, ever so slighlty metallic chelicerae, to his flame-like markings on top of his cephalothorax - he was definitely different.


This guy was actually found by abikeOdyssey last August, and photographed back then - I've just now gotten around to editing all the photos I took (312 in total!)


The image above was taken with the 28mm reversed on extension tubes (4:1 - 5:1?) and is just about full frame. The photo was focus stacked from two shots at f/8 or f/5.6, I can't remember. Make sure to tell me should the colors ever look odd on your monitor - I edit these photos on a laptop with a terrible lcd - the orange/red hues atop his head were actually quite vibrant - always a challenge to expose properly.


If I get the chance, I plan on uploading a new video sometime soon to my youtube account where I post bug videos:


...and hopefully within the next few days, I will have more artwork up at my other flickr account:

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Taken on August 9, 2009