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Adult Male Hentzia mitrata Jumping Spider (With Video!) | by Thomas Shahan
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Adult Male Hentzia mitrata Jumping Spider (With Video!)

(Click here for the video! - He's not the same spider seen above, but an adult male from the same genus - a Hentzia palmarum)


(If you would like to see more angles of this species, here is a nice set of images I took of another H. mitrata male earlier last summer:


Found and photographed on a rusty bridge last July - I'm just now getting around to sorting through some of the shots I took last summer!


The bridge I found him on has proven quite a fruitful area during the summer months for arthropods - nearly everytime I've crossed it, I've encountered jumpers. Just to see them spin around and frantically wave their little arms as you walk by makes visiting the spot worthwhile! Just to name a few salticid finds - Phidippus putnami, Phidippus audax, Hentzia mitrata, Hentzia palmarum, Admestina tibialis, Zygoballus rufipes... almost all immature, but where there are young ones there are adults of course. This same location also has some of the largest horseflies I have ever seen - I'll have to return next summer and get some video of them sucking my blood!


I took several photos of this little guy (~4mm body length), including my usual high-mag portraits, but I thought this was the best shot of the bunch. It's a bit different than my usual posts, but I figured I should "back up" a bit with my compositions, even though the low-angle portraits and eye shots have kind of become my thing.


Taken with the 50mm reversed on extension tubes (not many) at f/11 or so. I applied a little bit of vignetting in Photoshop to add a bit of variation to the background he's on.




In other news - Mundo Poco has alerted me that I was mentioned again briefly in this month's Popular Photography magazine.


I've also recently had inclusions in Popular Science, Discovery, Better Photography (India!), Pentax User (UK), Big Issue (UK)!


MSNBC is still making good use of my photographs:


A few different websites have used one of my moon shots when announcing the discovery of water on the moon:


I've also uploaded a new salticid-related drawing of mine here:


...and I'm sure everyone knows at this point - but I recently appeared on national television on NBC's the TODAY Show. To watch the clip, courtesy of abikeOdyssey, go here:


And to everyone that has sent me e-mails/asked me questions recently who I haven't gotten back to yet - I apologize - I've been terribly busy!

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Taken on July 9, 2009