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Adult Male Jumping Spider Hiding in Leaves - (Habronattus coecatus)

What a beautiful day today was!


I set out to look for bugs around 4 and by about 6 PM I had found 4 adult male Habronattus coecatus, 2 female H. coecatus (maturity unknown), one Phidippus audax female, several young frogs, a fairly large moth in perfect shape, several beetles, countless young Rabidosa rabida wolf spiders, 2 adult male Blue Birds, and a little bright yellow bird with a black head that I don't know the name of... any suggestions?


The above photo was taken with the 50mm reversed to the bellows and is full frame. Pretty low magnifcation for me, but I just couldn't bring myself to crop it (the eyes are just slightly out of focus anyways). Images like this never get as many views but that doesn't really matter.

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Taken on April 14, 2009