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Anterior Median and Anterior Lateral Eyes of a Phidippus princeps Jumping Spider

Click here to watch a video I took of this spider earlier today.


Make sure to watch it in high quality!


This little Phidippus princeps was found (not by me) inside, and photographed before her I released her.


I always plan to take a short video of each spider I find, but I usually forget, so the linked video above is pretty rare for me. It's fascinating to watch the palp and chelicerae movement, as it's really mechanical and jerky sometimes, almost like stop-motion animation.


The above photo ( a minor crop) was taken at ~7-8:1 magnification with the 28mm reversed to some extension tubes mounted to the bellows. The lens was set to f/5.6, to preserve sharpness, but as a result the depth of field was extremely shallow. Therefore, I had to take a photo for each individual eye. I ended up stacking 5 photos manually in photoshop (it took forever).


The original photo before resizing is pretty impressive, as you can see actual ridges in the scales on the side of her head, and you can see the thread-work of the shirt reflected in her eyes! I actually had to focus stack the reflections in her eyes.


I try to do the best I can with processing these images, but if anything looks bizarre or poorly done to you, please speak up, as I can't see all of my mistakes.

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Taken on June 1, 2005