Namibia, #30
I'll be posting pictures, every day, up to day #26.

DAYS #19+20:
- Waterberg Plateau, staying with crazy nazis,
- hiking with german paparazzi,
- ciao Namibia,
- hello Cape Town!!!

Previously on #30:

It happened on March 7th:
- Carolines' favorite farm on the D407
- The best lemonade ever
- Getting stuck in Sossusvlei, not making it to the sunset, and our awesome night sleeping in the dunes.

What about March 8th?
- The first ones on the Dune
- Bantu lesson (click your tongue!)
- Animal-less safari with René

Posted early, Day #9:
- One clutch later
- Jump in the dusk!
- Dinner + Skip-Bo with Heidi and René

- a brand new clutch!
- seafood and cheddar
- desperate houses and dogs
- tons of sea salt
- skeletons and swings
- Jagermeister

- supermakets and sea shore,
- where is the airport?
- the gate closes at 5, you'll have to stop and sleep here...
- and... unexpected bowel action.

- some kind of traffic at the gate
- abandoned Oil Extracter
- coffee at the Other gate
- teaching Uno to the 3 inhabitants of Mbakondja

Day 13 was one of our most amazing day in Namibia since we stayed in Mbakondja with the villagers (Jackie, Melanie and Daniel).
- got breakfast
- rode the Donkey Car
- played Uno again (they would not let us go)
Then we left for Opuwo after a dip in the amazing swimming pool of the Fort of Seisfontein (not pictured), and drove on the steepest road, with himbas and hereros people on the backseat.

DAY #14:
- meeting the Himbas with the most useless guide ever
- recovering in the gorgeous pool of the Opuwo Country Hotel overlooking the valley
- trying to deliver a letter to a village that has no name on our way to Epupa
- the palmtrees at the end of the road...

DAY #15:
- walking along the Kunene River with our guide
- savanas and chips for sunset
- beating the crap out of Caroline at Uno
- that's it for today, slow day, really...

DAYS #16+17+18:
- trying to spot the big animals...
- and failing.
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