A real-life fairytale castle

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    Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria in Southern Germany, built for king Ludwig II, is one of Europe's most famous castles, and perhaps the most classically romatic in appearance. It has such a fairytale look to it that it became the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty's castle in Disneyworld.

    The fairytale look of the castle is no accident -- King Ludwig had the castle built in the late 19th Century specifically to help him live out a fantasized and romanticized version of glorious life in the Middle Ages. For this purpose, the castle's design was drafted by a theatre set designer, although the actual structural details were then provided by an architect.

    Even though we spent two nights in the tiny castle restaurant inn right under the castle walls on our trip to Bavaria last month, I did not fully appreciate the fairytale quality of this castle until just about when we were leaving. As we were driving away through the town below the castle early in the morning, the castle appeared through the morning fog on the steep hill above. It looked so wonderfully unreal and magical, just like a fairytale movie scene come to life, surrounded by mist and spotlighted on one side by feeble rays of the morning sun that I couldn't help myself -- I had to stop the car, parking it (illegally) on the side of the road in a hurry, and ran out and used my telephoto lens to capture the sight. So here is the way it looked: A real-life fairytale castle rising through the early morning mist.

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    1. melfa2009 54 months ago | reply

      Virkilega falleg mynd af glæsilegum kastala !!

    2. northb2 54 months ago | reply

      wow, spectacular shot

    3. Diana Michaels 54 months ago | reply

      Úff maður! Þetta er virkilega eins og komið úr Disney :)
      GAMAN !!

    4. towards light 54 months ago | reply

      truly a castle from a fairy tale!
      it does look magical.
      glad you stopped and risked getting a ticket to capture this spectacular view!

    5. rocurti 54 months ago | reply

      Magnificent. Did you rescue the princess?

    6. cnmark 54 months ago | reply

      Vu dans / Seen in:
      "Vers le ciel/Towards the sky"

    7. o palsson 54 months ago | reply

      Many thanks to all of you who commented here on this picture over the past day. Your feedback and observations are much appreciated.

    8. naromeel 54 months ago | reply

      Vu dans / Seen in:
      "Vers le ciel/Towards the sky"

    9. ~ Floydian ~  54 months ago | reply

      the close-up view brings even a kind of spooky feeling inside, enhanced by the blue toning in the image

    10. Chica_de_marte 49 months ago | reply

      Magic!!!! Lovely!!! I'm so fan!!!

    11. o palsson 49 months ago | reply

      Thank you Chica! That's so nice to hear!

    12. EZ_"T" PHOTO 43 months ago | reply

      Nice capture!

    13. stefanoginella.com 28 months ago | reply

      Congrats! Your great photo has been featured on thetraveleer.com.
      Thanks for sharing it with a Creative Common license, sharing knowledge and creativity with the world.

    14. didyoueverstoptothink 26 months ago | reply

      Hi, I used your picture on the following post: didyoueverstoptothink.wordpress.com/2013/01/22/once-upon-... Many thanks for making it creative commons - please let me know if you've got any issues. Thanks! :)

    15. TInna Cleopetra Jónsdóttir 19 months ago | reply

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