my bedroom.

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  1. Shauna Haider 108 months ago | reply

    don't tell me this is your room? amazing, no? that little red table plus black walls. dreamy.

  2. seasons in the black sun 108 months ago | reply

    i bought that table one day for $20 and painted it, but it needs to be more GLOSSY. i wish i could have had it professionally lacquered, like TEN coats ... but yeh, the chances of me doing that are slim considering it's been months and i still haven't bothered with the second coat of spray paint.

    ... but it's really the only part of my bedroom with anything going on, save the inescapable piles of dusty books. i painted the walls black a year ago and then stopped. i'm just remembering there was no furniture when you were here! yeh, that was kind of crazy. our sofa hadn't even arrived. i think i sat on the floor wrapped in blankets all the time. (ok, well i still do that all the time anyway.)

  3. Shauna Haider 108 months ago | reply

    there's a reall great oil-based bright red paint that goes on super shiny. i use it to paint wooden boxes for projects all the time. if you put two coats of that on, it would be really glossy- i can get the name of it if you want me to. the other thing you could do is maybe seal the table with shellac. it comes in itty-bitty cans and has a nice high gloss finish.

    i think you got the kitchen table and couch my last two weeks there! i never got to see that amazing wallpaper. :(

    there's something about black walls i'm really liking- they are a perfect backdrop to pretty much everything.

  4. Kraeus 104 months ago | reply

    Red, white, and black... It's preeeeettty. Is that a Misfits's pillow case or a bag, lol? I can't tell... I like whatever patterned material that was used.

  5. seasons in the black sun 104 months ago | reply

    it's an extremely lage tote bag ... + really does look odd there. in actuality, it's oversized, for sure - but not as Alice in Wonderland oversized as it appears in this photo. i think the tiny table exaggerates it.

    misfits pillowcase, noooo - but elvis pillowcase = yes:

  6. Kraeus 104 months ago | reply

    Lol, most impressive.

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