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    If you would like to use this image for something, please ensure that those who see it can trace back it's origin and it's creator. I ask that you make the following information available:

    Name: Oleg Tovologuine
    Link: Link or another way back to this very page.

    Please see:

    Thank you!

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    1. andresmagpayo ages ago | reply

      i really loved using this image.

      i have had it in lot of brochures, labels, businesscards and other forms which i have designs.

      it always come handy in all my jobs whenever i needed an image like this.

      Good work and Goodluck!!

      Andy C. Magpayo
      Al Suwaiket Trading Services
      Al Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    2. nataliescool ages ago | reply

      hi I'm in 7th grade and I have to say on an art project where I come from. I am english irish french german scottish dutch persian and greek. (phew! ) so i picked an earth for my report. thnx 4 lettin me use it :)

    3. just-in-time2008 ages ago | reply

      How can we recommend you if their seems to be no way to email or pay you?

    4. ONT Design ages ago | reply

      just-in-time-2008, you can always send me an email from flickr (flickr mail), and we can take it from there! Good luck

    5. rudylw 111 months ago | reply

      Hi Great work, I would like to place this image on my dissertation poster @ Bristol University.

    6. ONT Design 111 months ago | reply

      rudylw: no problem, go ahead.

      nataliescool: it's comments like yours that make this all worth while. Thank you, I'm glad I could help!

    7. NorthXNortheast 109 months ago | reply

      ONT Design, I would like to use this logo as the logo for a company I am starting up? Could I have your permission to use for our commercial use, including incorporating this as our small business logo, for use on business cards, stationery, and any advertising or marketing? Thanks much. Bob,

    8. fukuoka dreaming 105 months ago | reply

      Hi, can I use this for my power point presentation in School? Looks great!

    9. johnny_tucker 105 months ago | reply

      Hello, can I use this earth photo for my Flickr iPhone App? The App is named ZCam (Pro) and it's in the Flickr "App Garden"


    10. lively peace [deleted] 102 months ago | reply

      Hi ONT Design, i am planning to start a documentary film night at my university to show my fellow students documentary films covering diverse topics. i have an idea of how my logo should look like and would love to use your picture for it. hope you'll be okay with that, let me know if otherwise. thanks...

    11. flickiam 101 months ago | reply

      I see why this globe is a favorite. It's so brilliant and it pulls me in. May I have permission to use it? And if so, what are the stipulations?


    12. n8_glenn 95 months ago | reply


      This is a great image, I'd like to use it as part of a logo I'm working on, is that ok?


    13. jvillamorgulapa 95 months ago | reply

      hi, cool image, helping a friend make a logo for his header. may we use it.


    14. pianomanadam 95 months ago | reply

      hey, I am starting a charity called "For Kids From Kids" and i was wondering if we could use this image in our logo, it is really cool. We look forward to hearing from you

      Adam Humphrey~~

    15. aandtbeers 94 months ago | reply

      Hi - I would like to incorporate this image into an interpretive panel for a garden project, wondering is I can have permission and if credit is required on the sign for the graphic.

      Thanks, T

    16. korky_bob 93 months ago | reply

      Hi, great pic! I was wandering if I could please use it as part of my logo for an educational website? Thanks,

    17. Vnut_us 87 months ago | reply

      Just what I need for adapting in a logo. Can I have permission to use it?

    18. FullmetalHikaru-chan 86 months ago | reply

      May I use this picture for a project on overpopulation for my AP Human Geography class? There is a possibility that the project will be uploaded to the internet.

    19. eyaal1 81 months ago | reply

      Wow! this is really beautiful.I would love to use it to create a logo but am not sure how to include your name .I will be very grateful if you can grant me permision to use this image.

      Eyaal Akari

    20. jbariso 69 months ago | reply

      Hi ONT Design, I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your great picture.
      I used it on a blog post where I talked about the beauties of multiculturalism.
      Here's the link if you're interested:

      Thanks again

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