2020 Virtual Youth Summit for Mother Earth
From August 22 to September 19, 2020, environmental leaders from across the province gathered virtually over a series of livestreams highlighting cross-cultural learning and knowledge sharing. In partnership with the Youth Council, our Youth Circle for Mother Earth partners and Coordinating Circle, this re-imagined gathering brought 92 young leaders and 12 youth mentors representing 55 communities across Ontario as far as Windsor, Cornwall Island and Kenora, with youth identifying from Indigenous communities across Turtle Island and cultures around the world. They participated in workshops including:

Treaties and Indigenous politics
Environmental policy
Navigating activism and eco-anxiety
Grant writing
Learning from industry professionals
Biocultural diversity
Power to affect change
Manoomin (wild rice) and Indigenous food sovereignty
Biodiversity and the intersection of Indigenous and western sciences
Traditional medicine
Importance of water and interconnectedness

Learn more about the Youth Summit: ontarionature.org/events/youth-summit/
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