EdMika EF-FD 0.75mm glassless brass adapter
I am selling the custom CNC milled solid brass adapters with focus confirm chip for $165US shipping in. A high price compared to most adapters out there but most are junky and have mass production cost savings.

The first 15 official production units were sold quickly. This first batch of 15 was the signature edition and each was signed by me.

EdMIKA EF-FD Serial Number:
001 sold to Peter Padar, California USA
002 sold to Peter Padar, California USA
003 sold to Anthony Kerstens, Ont. Canada
004 sold to Andreas Friedrichs, Germany
005 sold to Craig Nichols, Yukon Canada
006 sold to Michael Hjermstad, WA USA
007 sold to Ken Allen, FL USA
008 sold to Matthew Grum, York UK
009 sold to Jean Luc Touron, France
010 sold to Dieter Maier, Germany
011 sold to Rob Dinniwell, Toronto Canada
012 sold to Joe Bidgood, UK
013 sold to Francois Botes, South Africa
014 sold to Stephanie Saw, Australia
015 sold to Fabio Reale, Italy

note: the 15 "signature edition" adapters are now sold and after several generations of updated 0.75mm versions the new dual orientation 0.5mm FD-EOS adapter replaces the 0.75mm design. www.ebay.ca/itm/180820985470?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&am...
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