FD 600 4.5 and 800 5.6 L lenses on EF mount
Convertible EF and FD mount without any corrective glass optics yet still able to focus to infinity. Lens Mods are only a focus stop screw removed (and safely affixed within housing should reinstallation be desired). The lens can be swapped between Canon FD and Canon EOS/EF SLR/DSLR camera bodies in under 5 seconds. The key to achieving infinity focus was the prototyping of a special adapter. This custom adapter includes a programmable autofocus confirmation chip to allow reliable manual focus on bodies without split manual focus screens. The lens was designed for a 42mm distance to film plane but the EOS system is 44mm however with the original design allowing a bit of focus beyond infinity coupled with the focus movement gained from the focus stop removal it all works.
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