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Classic photo of a distress sale -- Great Depression $100 will buy this car

"$100 will buy this car must have cash lost all on the stock market"


I mentioned this classic photo to a friend, and then had to work very hard to find it online. In the grand tradition of recirculation, I am reposting it here for others to use. I don't know the rights but assume that 79 years later, it is not in copyright. If it is, that's yet another good reason to man the barricades over the next few years.


I am getting a little bored of the same 3 photos being used on every story about our forthcoming great depression and hope that this effort will spur others to hunt up some more visual diversity for their missives of doom and gloom.


Interestingly at least one other version of this photo exists, with the man in a different pose and a significant crowd gathered around and behind the car.

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Uploaded on December 15, 2008