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Siberian Hotness

It's going to be hot today in New York. How hot? Really HOT, I mean hot as in 97 degrees hot and humid. That's the only kid of hot we ever get here, I can't recall a hot and dry spell here once it gets past 90. I've been to Vegas and 100 degree dry is much more welcoming than a humid 80 here.


It's also apparently the first official day of summer. I've still got a fair amount of winter shots and yesterday as we waited for a delayed train on the subway platform I didn't feel as hot while I sipped on my 4 shot ice Latte... So I'm hoping looking at a bunch of people in winter coats will have some psychological affect on me and you to keep cool... Ok that is far fetched isn't ...


This is part of a series I took in Coney Island on the Brighton Beach boardwalk. The Russians come out in drones and just chill (no pun intended) on this park benches swapping stories. Stories of what? I have no idea, but they are all facing the Atlantic, so I wonder if they discussing Mother Russia or they're all looking for mermaids, which is what I would be looking for...I wish I spoke Russian. It would be great to develop a relationship with a few so I have a better idea of what takes place.


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Taken on January 29, 2012