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    another weekend

    35mm film version of this. she's been with us for such a short time, but I don't know what I'd do without her now (probably save a lot of film). she's the soul of our home.

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    1. scotty w 45 months ago | reply

      you have such a beautiful cat, i love how her eyes match the chair so well, I've seen this pic every once and a while but I never looked at the stream it belonged to but im glad i did you have an awsome photostream such quality!

    2. palomaleca 44 months ago | reply

      Lovely colors and texture

    3. See Creatures 44 months ago | reply

      What a perfect photograph, and beautiful cat.

    4. summerflowers 42 months ago | reply

      love how the cats eyes match the chair

    5. n-w-p [deleted] 42 months ago | reply

      This just might be my all time favorite flickr photo!!!

    6. dawn frary 41 months ago | reply

      best. photo. ever.

    7. carlagentry 40 months ago | reply

      I came across this photo via SFGirlByTheBay. I pinned it as a favorite photograph and jotted a hote "home is." This was months ago. At that time, my kitty was a sweet tiger tabby. She has since passed away.

      Cut to the present, I just revisited this photo earlier today and I suddenly realized that I now have a grey kitten who looks remarkably a lot like yours. Wee pause here to wonder!

      And then, I checked the date - and wow, I pinned this right around the time my Josie was born. Here's what she looks like:


      I was so struck by the magic of these coincidences that I had to share my story with you, which all started with this beautiful photo you took.

    8. ashley oostdyck 40 months ago | reply

      aw, I'm sorry to hear your tabby kitty passed away. and from your story it seems you and josie were meant to be, magic coincidences indeed. she looks so much like my baby girl! thanks so much for sharing :)

    9. ashley oostdyck 40 months ago | reply

      thank you so much for your lovely comments everyone! I've been awful at replying, sorry, but I've appreciated your words so much.

      incredibly, Lucy is now so big she barely fits on this chair these days.

    10. ashley oostdyck 40 months ago | reply

      hi, scott. this photo has appeared on so many blogs and sites, it's hard to keep track. it means a lot to me that you visited, thanks for following the link and for your lovely comment.

    11. K. Agung Patriadi 39 months ago | reply

      Great, I like it !

    12. tumbleweed.in.eden 35 months ago | reply

      wow. genius right there. that cat just knew.

    13. GApeach55 28 months ago | reply

      stunning light
      perfectly captured

    14. bunchadogs & susan [off and on] 20 months ago | reply

      the polaroid is a film version, too. just a different kind of film.
      I love both.
      I like the expression on this one.
      admired in
      the cat who turned on and off

      ( ?² )

    15. ashley oostdyck 20 months ago | reply

      oh I realise that. was just being lazy with labelling but I've fixed it to clarify for everyone. Thanks!

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