Colorful, tempered glass mosaic tile set

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    Another take. I just love it how the glass enhances the colors and glitter.
    I have a few sets of 4 more to finish and list for sale. Gosh, I hope somebody likes them.

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    1. beamoore 33 months ago | reply

      It stinks, and I blame myself for trusting someone with my account. Can you say, divorce??? Oh, well, I still keep working on all sorts of things, if you have time to see my photostream.

    2. Poppins Mosaics and Crafts 33 months ago | reply

      Beautiful Beamoore, would look lovely on frames also, the colours are so sparkly and look great under the tg.

    3. beamoore 33 months ago | reply

      Great idea, Mary. I originally thought that they should become accent tiles on someone backsplash or other places, but they are nice by themselves, to be simply displayed somewhere in the house, or maybe even outdoors.

    4. beamoore 33 months ago | reply

      And big thank you!!!!

    5. Doreen Bell Mosaic 33 months ago | reply

      Just beautiful, would love to know more about your

    6. 32 months ago | reply

      Those are absolutely beautiful!!! I adore the colors!!!

    7. beamoore 32 months ago | reply

      Thank you, Girls so much, I am back to making them, thanks to all your wonderful compliments. I do so many things, I have trouble concentrating on one.
      I actually made a little deal with local glass shop, I will be able to display these tiles in their shop and either sell the sets or take custom orders and give the owners their commission. I am on a roll.

    8. knlomas 31 months ago | reply

      what is tempered glass? And where can I buy it?! and how do I do this?!

    9. beamoore 31 months ago | reply

      It's the type of glass that shatters into not so sharp pieces, unlike the most glass that when it breaks, leaves sharps edges. So TG may be founf at the car junk yards, or let's say, where I get mine, at a window repair shop, where they fix mostly broken car wind0ows, a;though the windshiels do not fall apart, thay are hold by a film inside them, but also have a slight green tint, which I don't like. I would call a junk yard or a glash shopahead of time and see if they have any broken tempered glass that they are getting rid of, this way you will most like ly get it forno money at all. Just make a phone call and make a connection. My guy even offerd me a spot in his office to display my stuff and sell it.

    10. knlomas 31 months ago | reply

      can you cut the TG?

    11. knlomas 31 months ago | reply

      did you paint and glitter the tile underneath, then put the TG,(glued? ) then let it dry, then grouted it?

    12. beamoore 31 months ago | reply

      The stuff I use is all broken down, but of course, you get small and larger pices. The larger, the better to use, you simply spend less time putting the mosaic together.
      I am going to put it all together in my blog. I may copy some parts of my posts here, due to time shortage, if you follow me on blogger, I will try to put it in there.
      You are so fired up Girl, you will be creating stuff of your own, really soon!!!

    13. knlomas 31 months ago | reply

      i will DEFFINETLY follow your blogger! i am picking up some tg on Tuesday! called ahead to an windshield place and thwy are getting some together fir me! can't wait!

    14. Mallorie Brooks 22 months ago | reply

      These are beautiful! Are they (or others) for sale? Thank You, Mallorie

    15. beamoore 22 months ago | reply

      Yes, the are. This set and I am also making a few others. I have a pic in my photosgtream with other few samples of them, some still unfinished.

    16. kathmatart 13 months ago | reply

      Big smile. My daughter's car window shattered last year, and it was so pretty that I saved it with plans to do something with it down the road. I just finished a patio table using her window and a few others that I was able to find through friends. ( Thought I was being so innovative LOL) It is so pretty. Love it so much that I can't wait to start another one and was just Googling to see if tempered glass came in other colours than clear, green or black and came across your pics. Beautiful!! I can't wait to start on my next project, but have to find the coloured tempered glass first.

    17. beamoore 13 months ago | reply

      You go Girl!!!!!
      I paint my surfaces, but many other artists color their glass, mostly likely with alcohol inks and such.
      Remember one thing though, the front windshields may have a bit of green tint, so that the sun doesn't blind the driver so much (yeah, right) so I think you need to look for the totally clear broken car windows. But things like shower doors are made of tempered glass, too, probably bazzillions other things.
      One time I scoop shards from my neighborhood glass with opalescent sheen. It was priceless. Still have those shards.

    18. mtglu2000 9 months ago | reply

      My husband, who works in the car industry, said to ask for 'side glass', meaning the side windows of a wrecked car, at a salvage yard or junk yard, since the side windows are not tinted, usually.

    19. updegraff1966 9 months ago | reply

      These are gorgeous any chance of a tutorial?? Would love to try.....

    20. beamoore 8 months ago | reply

      oh my goodness I just saw your question. I will try to come here more often after I move and write more about things that I make. Right now I am just packing everything.

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