On my way to asylum (15 May 2011)
The journey of asylum and its consequences for one’s identity are often spoken of silence and written on water. Ondru presents an intimate interpretation of the poem On my way to asylum, a personal journey brought to life through dance, music, poetry and sculpture. It is performed at Rhythm & Rights organised by Human Rights Arts & Film Festival (HRAFF). See more: www.ondru.org/events/on-my-way-to-asylum

On my way to asylum

script of my memoirs, I find
on unlined pages
rear of a novel I read years ago
written with blood of my own
photographs in black & white and burnt edges
smell of ash
brittle memory of a life buried beneath
an affair with question
never leaves the bed
mind hangs on a barbwire fence
commas turned to colons
showing clear breaks
story with a struggle for breath
born on a tear of Indian ocean
without a nation for some years
covering the scars with silent of eyes
crawling on bare knees,
broken body of words and a weightless bag
arrive here in the cold
with and without will
searching a new beginning
my drawn hand to greet the horizon

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