Logitech MediaPlay mouse
A half-assed attempt at reverse engineering a Logitech MediaPlay optical cordless mouse.

I was just curious how it worked, especially because I want to do some experiments with alternative input devices.

I couldn't figure out much, partially just because I didn't want to break it (I really like this mouse!), and partially because it's a multi-layer board and there's only one big labeled chip (besides the camera chip). I was mostly just looking for a specialized radio chip to use in other devices. Apparently they just use the microcontroller to do all the mouse stuff and run the radio, too? The chip has an IR output on it, for things like remote controls, so maybe they just co-opt that functionality for the radio? I think IR remotes use a carrier in the kHz, so maybe that's all it needs.

Incidentally, the mouse works quite well. It has lots of buttons and doubles as a remote control for laptop movie night. The batteries last many months and the movement is perfect even when the computer complains to me every day that they have died. I really love it.
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