Fan Art: Contest Closed
As the Omega Code poster was very well received by the design sphere, we decided to open space for submissions. We're currently receiving illustrations everyday. We'll pick up 20 illustrations and feature them on our upcoming book, that will be released this year by IdN World.

Download our template, follow the guidelines and send us your art until March 31th, 2009. EXTENDED DEADLINE

After the download, use your favorite tool, open a canvas with 707 mm x 1000 mm (or 500 mm x 707 mm*), in 300 dpi (or 150*). Do your art in pixel or vector, save a small preview of your art (up to 1MB) and send us on: We'll add your art on out Flickr page as soon as it arrives.

If we choose your illustration to be featured on our book, you will receive an email in March.

* No need to have anything written *

HOTS: Religion, Spirituality, Noir, Mysticism, Alchemy, Tree of Life, Experimental

NOTS: Porn, Offensive Content, Violence

More info:


We already received Fan Art from probably every place in the world

Omega Code
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