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Olympus Auto Electro-set rangefinder camera boxed-7354 | by THE OLYMPUS CAMERAS COLLECTOR
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Olympus Auto Electro-set rangefinder camera boxed-7354

The first photos from a very special, hard to get and almost unknown camera:

Olympus Auto electro-set (1958 - 1959)



was the appearance year of the Olympus Auto electro-set


Olympus wrote in the manual:

This camera is the result of the gained experience.

That means, this camera is very special.


To me this is the very beginning of the Olympus 35 coupled exposure meter rangefinder cameras, but with many special details that no other Olympus rangefinder camera ever had again. Its incredible that this camera is so unknown even by Olympus fans.


In 1958 the Olympus Auto was then the only camera in the world with coupled exposure meter that when the shutter speed dial was rotated, the aperture was also changed to maintain the same light value, but when the aperture dial was rotated, only the aperture setting was changed.

At that time Olympus made history many times, and this one was the only with this kind of versatility.


Based on the ACE body an amazing camera was developed by engineers with no limits.

Again supplied with a fixed lens (E. Zuiko 1:1,8 f = 4,2 cm) the camera had got a coupled Selenium light meter with a hinged cover over the meter cell.

A buster-cell* could be connected for better measurements. The plug was on the front right under the meter cell.


The round ASA scale window was on the back, the ASA setting was done by pressing a lever and rotating the aperture ring.


For exact exposure, the shutter speed must preset and the aperture ring, according to the meter reading, turned.

Multi exposure* was possible by pushing a small lever at the back.

If the camera was loaded, the film transport could be watched in a small window* next to the viewfinder.

Rewind knob and camera back safety was placed at the base plate and luxuriously constructed.

The large viewfinder window with bright frame, combined with the coupled rangefinder with parallax compensation* for the best possible picture sharpness. A lever at the distance ring made focusing easier.

There was a special connection for fixing the carrying belt.


* The only Olympus rangefinder camera that had these features, and it was from 1958! Not even the 35 SP have them and the build quality of this camera.


Specifications Type: Olympus - Auto

Engraving: Olympus - Auto


Release date: Dezember 1958

Body color: chrome

Leather color: black

Shutter: Seikosha - SLV

Shutter-Speeds: B, 1 to 1/500 sec.

Flash syncronisation: M and X

Finder: Bright frame, distance meter mix picture

Rangefinder: coupled

Film-Advance: Film advance lever

Exposure meter: Selenium

ASA: 10 to 800

Battery: none

Extras: Selftimer

Lens: G. Zuiko 1:1.8 f = 4.2 cm

F-Stop range: 1.8 to 16

Focusing: 2.5 ft to infinite

Elements: 7

Groups: 5

Size: 142 x 88 x 68 mm

Weight: 780 g

Price at release: 34.800 Yen


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