• This just seems really unfinished. With the black it really stands out. Maybe some tubing to go over it or something. - tadashistate
  • NPU - "Orion Pax"
  • How did you manage to get this to stay in here? - Steelharbinger

MAK "2rD" - Wüste Kröte

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  1. .Tromas 48 months ago | reply

    Oh wow Adrian, this is brilliant!!

  2. swellsington [deleted] 48 months ago | reply

    Reminds me of Half-life's Dog.

  3. gIadius 48 months ago | reply

    I swear Adrian, I could recognize your builds anywhere. Distinct style.

  4. BE REAL, MY FRIEND! [deleted] 48 months ago | reply

    neat yo!

  5. Adrian Florea 48 months ago | reply

    Cwells: I did draw inspiration from HL, but more from the Hunter rather than Dog.

  6. peterlmorris 48 months ago | reply

    Hey I have that part thanks to my daughter's zoo! I don't know how you do it, but you do it. Looks fantastic.

  7. swellsington [deleted] 48 months ago | reply

    I see. Very well done either way. HL is always good to build from.

  8. bradley gaskin 48 months ago | reply

    Wow, awesome stuff...as always!

  9. \/\/\/\/\/\ 48 months ago | reply

    your stuff is so different; I love it. rare these days...makes it even more uncanny!

  10. justin pyne 48 months ago | reply

    Damn, that is serious NPU.

    Love! :>

  11. "Orion Pax" 48 months ago | reply

    Nice design!
    And good to see that i´m not the only person who messes around with lightning ;)

  12. Adrian Florea 48 months ago | reply

    I'd rather not mess with lightning at all. Allergic to it you see :)

    Hope I can get my head around finishing something else this month.

  13. dasnewten 48 months ago | reply

    Ma.K and Lego, what's not to like!?........Man, it's been way too long. I demand MOAR mocs!

  14. Motian 48 months ago | reply

    That duplo piece really does it for me. What a unique feel it gives.

  15. Pierre E Fieschi 48 months ago | reply

    wow! serious NPU in this!

  16. kaitimar 48 months ago | reply

    Wow, this is crazy! And it has character! Haha, Duplo piece fits perfectly!

  17. Benny Brickster 48 months ago | reply

    I don't even know what that piece is! I need to get out more :P

  18. sent16 33 months ago | reply

    Beautiful Shot!

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