B.Y.O.B. Malmö
BYOB is a series of one-night-exhibitions curated by different people around the world. Now it has reached STPLN in Malmö and we welcome you to join the event by bringing your projector and your art/visuals/concept.
It is as simple as: we provide the space, approximately 1200 square meters, electricity and audience. You bring what you need for your projections and find yourself a spot in the building. First come first served, we are pretty sure everyone will find a good spot for their projections but if you have any specific needs or wants we advice you to show up in time.
The event will take place January 22nd from 12 pm to 8pm, we open up the doors for the audience at 4pm and end the event with a get-together.
About BYOB
BYOB is for anyone who is interested in moving light, sound and performance. Projection can mean many things. Projections are very flexible and create a freedom to react to each others works, move things around, and create a dynamic collaborative experience.
BYOB is an idea by Rafaël Rozendaal. The first edition of BYOB was initiated by Anne de Vries & Rafael Rozendaal in Berlin.
The BOYB event in Malmö is produced by Lina Linde and Kristian Nihlén.
For more information about BYOB www.byobworldwide.com/

We are proud to announce some of the events participants:

Amanda Martinez
Andrea Kåberg www.tangramfilm.se
Cecilia Flink klubbkristallen.blogspot.com/
Cecilia Sterner www.ceciliasterner.com/
Mani Kotko
Elin Alvemark pfyh.org/
Georges Jacoteyhttp://www.georgesjacotey.info/
Joy Cheng
Kristian Nihlén klubbkristallen.blogspot.com/
Lina Linde www.linalinde.tumblr.com
Malin Mathiasson
Olof Werngren olof.me/
Peter Wallentin hegemonin.tumblr.com/
Radek Rembowski
Sebastian Rozenbergwww.sebastianrozenberg.com
Silvia Haraszti
Tommy Boije
Jonas Lund jonaslund.com/
Kim Engelen www.kimengelen.com
Anika Schwarzlose www.anikaschwarzlose.com
Martinka Bobrikova www.madefromwaste.org
Oscar de Carmen www.madefromwaste.org
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