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The Little Voice - Day 40/365 | by Olivia L'Estrange-Bell
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The Little Voice - Day 40/365

Day 40/365


"Butterflies whisper gently in my ear…"


You know sometimes you're doing something and that little voice in your head goes "are you sure that's right?" or something along those lines…


I always find myself thinking "yes, absolutely." only to kick myself later because I didn't listen to the little voice!


Today's photograph is based around that. The little voice you hear, represented by the butterfly, gently whispering in Sasha's ear - and more importantly… Sasha paying attention! Just as I ought to all the time. :P


On a side note:-


The other day I stumbled across Eva Thöni on Flickr. Today she finished her 365 project ( ) - it's wonderful to see someone who has finished the 365 project, partly to see what they've done and how they've grown and developed.


One of the things I've found hard with this project is, "inspiration". I don't find the "inspiration" to be the hard thing, but rather how strongly I criticise myself. For example, I'll go and try something, but as I'm doing it, I'll start to question myself. The most common thing I'll think is "I've done this before", or "this is boring".


Eva sent me a lovely message via Flickr, and some of her words really helped me… I realised my biggest problem is, I need to relax. They'll always be photographs I love, and the ones I "like".


So, I hope you'll all enjoy what I do, big, small, conceptual or simple… and thank you for all your comments so far.






Model: Sasha Bell

Photographer: Olivia Bell (i.e. me!)

Processing: Olivia Bell (i.e. me!)


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Taken on September 13, 2010