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    Well, kids, it's time once again for National Novel-Writing Month. I'll pop in when I can.

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    1. getthebubbles 91 months ago | reply

      great typewriter! i love the green tint to this pic too!

    2. Olivander 91 months ago | reply

      Hrm... It's supposed to be a beige-ish duotone. But hey, I'll call it purple so long as you like it! :-)

    3. Basuraman (Dan) 91 months ago | reply

      Is that some newfangled autosave function sticking out the top there? Great shot by the way.

    4. getthebubbles 91 months ago | reply

      hmm, well maybe its my monitor here at work, or the bad fluorescent lighting I am tortured with here.

      its still a cool shot!

    5. Olivander 91 months ago | reply

      I swapped out my office's standard flourescent tubes with ones that replicate the wavelength of real daylight. Now everyone else's offices look strangely blueish to me. :-)

      Basuraman: why yes, it is! It autosaves your work after every keystroke. It's amazing!

    6. MJBaran 91 months ago | reply

      Lovely! Good luck!

    7. Olivander 91 months ago | reply

      Wow, I just returned from being interviewed about NaNo by a local TV station for tomorrow night's news! They took lots of shots of me sitting in a coffee house and clacking away at an old Smith-Corona (not the one pictured above). While we were doing the piece, a congressional candidate and his entourage came into the coffee shop. Afterward, I apologized if my typing interfered with their conversation, but he loved that I was doing that. :-)

    8. fouramjava 91 months ago | reply

      I wish you all the best, Oliver, and I look forward to reading it! Good luck and I hope you fingers can make it thru the journey. Love your new icon, btw. With future pics, it would be fun to hear how many pages you've typed so far.

      Cool to hear the news about the interview as well! I hope they take your best side. Send me a clipping when it's in the paper.

    9. Olivander 91 months ago | reply

      Y'all can track my progress here.

    10. ShimmeeGrrl 91 months ago | reply

      what a fantastic machine!!!!!
      I'm constantly writing my best-selling novel in my head.
      someday I'll put it on paper.
      it will not be this month, though.

    11. Olivander 91 months ago | reply

      Someone once said, "I've written lots of novels. I've just never gotten around to writing them down." :-)

    12. formica 91 months ago | reply

      is this the first time you've done this? or do you do it every year? i always think about doing it, but i've yet to actually get around to it.

    13. Olivander 91 months ago | reply

      Third year. You should do it! It's not too late! My first year, I scrapped what I was working on a week in and started over--and still finished! It's really not as hard as it would seem.

    14. formica 91 months ago | reply

      hmm, it is only a few days into november i may do it yet.

    15. ♥ jenny loves photos [deleted] 88 months ago | reply

      retro and cool.

    16. Ava Jae 18 months ago | reply

      Great shot! Thanks for making this photo available under a Creative Commons license--I used it in my blog post and linked back to you. :)

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