Hopewell Center School--Seneca County, Ohio
Hopewell District #5 or Hopewell Center School. In "Bascom Area Sesquicentennial Celebration Of Memories, 1837 - 1887, Volume I" there is a picture of the school with the bell tower still on as it had been when the building was a school. Based on a list of teachers with the notation that "Nellie Shelt was the last teacher 1939" I would guess that the school was closed when Hopewell Loudon school opened in 1939.

The description of the school from the above book states: "Hopewell Center is located in the center of Hopewell Township, but at the northwest corner of Section #22. Recall the facts that the 1st school in Hopewell Township was built on the southeast corner of Section #16(School Section). These two Sections meet at the corners, so the first school would have been catty-cornered from Hopewell Center. Hopewell center was built in the later part of the 1800." (The township map included in the book nailed it down as being on TR112 just south of Rt. 18.)

The book then goes on to describe what the inside of the building looked like, including "This was one large room that held all eight grades." The booklet includes a picture of the July 9, 1939 Homecoming for Hopewell School, a transcription of names of all the people who signed an attendance book at that homecoming, a class picture taken about1935, and a page from the Teacher's Term Book from Nov., 1886 to Apr. 1887.
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